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[tip] add a image to last post backround

Started by adbrad, February 07, 2010, 08:30:23 AM

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could some one please move to tips and tricks board.

If you wanna change the plain coloured background of the board index to a image you can achieve this by going to the css file, altering the windowbg,windowbg2 and inserting your url in there.
But it will not change the last post section you will be left with plain background.
To get it to do this go to the css file and look for

.topic_table td.lastpost
background-image: none;

and replace none with the url for the image.
i have added a gradient affect to my board index and post background to see a example take a look at my site.
this will work for 2.0RC2 not sure about other versions, feel free to try it out.