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Started by Mike Bobbitt, May 24, 2005, 12:47:14 PM

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Just installed it on my board. Works a treat!

Thnx mike!

Mike Bobbitt

Yep, tested and confirmed on 1.1 RC1. :)


just the first package, or with the listed alterations added??



It's cool, works fine on 1.1 RC1
Keep up the good work ;)
Dutch power!

Mike Bobbitt

Egg, both the original script and the modifications will work on 1.1 RC1.


doesnt seem to like it

Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in /htdocs/ on line 2

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /htdocs/ on line 2

Mike Bobbitt

Line 2 eh... maybe one of the mods above broke it, or maybe it was FTP'd in as binary...?


I took the file from your first post. changed SSI path, and thats the output :(

tried reuploading in ASCII, no change. same error.

Mike Bobbitt

Ok, line 2 is the require('/var/www/html/forums/SSI.php'); statement, so can you double check the syntax is OK?


if the path to my SSI.php is



what would the syntax be??

I think my lack of knowledge might be the cause  ::) ???


replaced it with


require(dirname(__FILE__) . '/SSI.php');


and it all works.

thank you!

Mike Bobbitt

Nice idea, then the files simply have to be in the same directory... no need to update the path. :)


This should be included in the SMF release its very handy!

Mike Bobbitt

Thanks... just updated it. In a nut shell:

* Simpler install (if it's in the same dir as SSI.php no edits required, otherwise you can set the path).

* Current activity is shown in a more readable format.

* Small code cleanups.


thanks work like a charm!
i have a question, it's possible to track the members who have download attachements files and how much time??

Mike Bobbitt

You could check your web logs for that, but as far as I know SMF doesn't track attachment downloads...


Quote from: Harelin on September 04, 2005, 10:39:06 PM
Good point.  I just changed it back to default so we're on the same page while troubleshooting.  No difference, though.  Is the code working on your end?

I had it set to "$isstaff=$context['allow_admin'];" which allows both my admin and 'semi-admin' member groups to access it.  It's now back to "$isstaff=$user_info['is_admin'];"

so this allow_admin actually works?
MPF Rocks!!!


QuoteFatal error: Call to undefined function: determineactions() in /home/thefound/public_html/tracker.php on line 157

any ideas why I'm getting this when the user is logged in?

Mike Bobbitt

What version of SMF are you using? I've tested with 1.1 RC1, but it may not work with other versions... Basically, Who.php in your Source directory must have a determineactions function... If not, just comment out line 157 in the script.


1.0.5, and I'll do that, thanks :)