Shot in the dark, possible to convert vBulletin 2.3.5

Started by david_jr, March 03, 2010, 01:59:43 AM

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Is this doable? or will i need to upgrade Vb to version 3.6 before this can be achieved?

Thanks for any help!


As far as I can tell, we have converters (please see this site's Downloads > Converters) for vbulletin 3 and up. So I suppose it would be better to upgrade, if not too much trouble. You can, if you want, try to convert from a 2.x version with a 3.x converter, it should do nothing wrong to your databases, just work or not work.
Please do make a full backup of your databases / installations, prior to trying any converter, though.

On this note, I strongly recommend using vbulletin 3.7 converter even for earlier 3.x versions. It should work (it's very probable it will), and it was much more tested on real-world databases.
But as said, converters should really do no harm to your vb (they'll wipe part of SMF data, but not do anything to modify the vbulletin database), so you can always try another as well.
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Thanks I'll update to 3.7 and give it a try. Cheers :)