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How to translate to Chinese Simplified?

Started by guppy, May 27, 2005, 12:05:04 AM

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I have some language strings added to my english language pack. I want to translate them and add on to the chinese language pack. But when I open up the files with wordpad, I only see strange characters. What program should I use to do the translation?

下载了简体中文语言包, 用WORDPAD开档案只看到乱码. 请问大家是用什么软件来修改中文电脑程序?  :-\


try emeditor or ultraedit, but wordpad shouldn't cause problem. i tried it before.


ok i'll give them a try  ;)

anyway, this' an e.g. of what i get:

$txt['newmessages0'] = 'ÌõÐÂÐÅÏ¢';
$txt['newmessages1'] = 'ÌõÐÂÐÅÏ¢';
$txt['newmessages3'] = 'ÐÂÐÅÏ¢';
$txt['newmessages4'] = ',';


Perhaps the easiest way is to get a UTF-8 simplified Chinese language pack.  One can be acquired from my forum at http://www.anetcity.com/bbs/index.php?topic=760.0. Some others has made their own version too.

Otherwise, the official language pack is in GB2312 encoding. If you're using Windows XP, you can edit the files by changing default codepage for non-Unicode application (find it in control panel > language).

If like me you're using Trad. Chinese Windows, you can do the same but you'll be unable to edit Big5 files.  Or you can create another account if you've a multilingual Windows.

It can gets more complicated, for example if you want to use it to build a bilingual site...