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some Admin settings do not display

Started by higherauthority, April 06, 2010, 10:46:54 PM

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I was successful in bridging into my theme Im running the latest Bridge, Mambo 4.6.5 and smf 2.0RC3      Everything seems to work however when I click on some admin areas it says done at the bottom of IE and the screen is blank. All I see is the nav bar at the top of my mambo template. One specifically is when I click Admin, Feature & Settings , General.       

I added the redirect hack found here


My question is has anyone else ran into this?    and is the    "FIXING LINKS IN SMF MESSAGES FROM PRE-BRIDGED FORUMS
" option going to fix this?    Im a bit unsure of what that will do. I am using seperate databases for smf and mambo.


On a bridged site, I wouldn't attempt 2.0 RC3 yet.  There have been too many bugs introduced in RC3 with sessions and with integration hooks.

The integrate_redirect hook is broken in RC3, so there`s no point at all in the bridge.  If you post a message, you`ll notice it.


Thanks for explaining this Orstio.

I am just preparing an upgrade eventually.   Now i am running 1.0.11 and mambo  on my production site.    I have a test site I have been playing around with to get an idea for the future.     

Would you suggest

I downgrade to 2.0 RC2 for now,    Switch to unwrapped for the time being,    remove the redirect hack,  or just be patient for the final release.

I just wanted to get a jump start on some of the new features in 2.0.  i have been playing around with it and I like some of the features in it.


RC2 is bridgeable, but there are 45 known security issues in it, so I wouldn't suggest it, either.  Stick with 1.1.x.


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Thank you my friend.   Hopefully one day there will be less integration hooks issues it will work.   As always I appreciate your insight.......Cheers