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Started by Matthew K., April 14, 2010, 07:34:29 PM

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Matthew K.

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The "Bounce BBCode" is compatible with only SMF 2.0.X. It will not be updated for 1.1.X.


The Bounce BBCode modification adds a BBCode button next to the "Marquee" (or "Move") button on the post page. You can use the [bounce] BBCode to use an action similar to marquee. Instead of going off of the edge of the page and reappearing on the other side, the object inside the [bounce] tags will, well bounce off of one side each side of the content area, back and forth.


Install this modification through the package manager. It only extracts one image file, and edits two (besides the language files), so nothing should go wrong.


Version 1.0 - April 12 2010
* The initial release of the "Dotted Underline BBCode"


iKorp Networks - Hosting the modification's demo.
iKiller - Creating the modification.


Works nice if i type [bounce][/bounce] but it did not place a button for some reason i'm using RC3.

Below is my buutons  i have a blink button  and have highlighted it  so no one thinks its a bounce button as i dont know what the button looks like.


Hmm, strange. All works fine from my end :/ I'll have a look into it...

By the way, the button looks like this:



Tesser this just means the file which shows as test failed requires a manual edit.


Quote from: Brack1 on April 16, 2010, 05:50:37 PM
Tesser this just means the file which shows as test failed requires a manual edit.

Yeah, basically. That edit in Subs-Editor.php, well... take the name of the file for example "Editor" is the page that is used to post/edit pages. So with that edit not being in place, it won't edit the button in.


Installs fine with no errors. Using 2.0 RC2. It added the BOUNCE button fine, it just doesnt bounce the text when selected to do so.....basically, this isnt working for me at least.


What browser(s)? Also, could you send a link to the test please?