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Simple ImageShack (latest release: v3.1.3)

Started by Rik©, June 03, 2005, 02:50:34 PM

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no it will not work unless you pay monthly fees now.
best bet would be to activate Attachments and Avatars & set Attachment Settings to what size images you want your thumb nails to view as
I could probably find a way to make this mod work with uploading to another free image site
but their is a new sm-admin in the house and all my passed uploads of mods I have corrected coding on have been removed :(
copy right still belonged to the creator but the admin says it's the rules. we can no longer help each other and fix mods that
the creators them selves no longer support.

In saying they I got other BIG projects I am working on and wouldn't fix this mod to work for my self for some time yet or maybe never.


Now we are using
Spud's In Line Attachments ILA
Kays's Resize Attached Images

It is not remote storage... but it works and it is better (you really own the files)
No me agradan los foros que no te dejan borrar TU PROPIO usuario, como por ejemplo
E incluso te mandan emails no solicitados, de los cuales, quizá, no puedas escapar porque NO te dejan posibilidad a deshabilitarlos (a menos que NO te tengan en su lista negra).