Street Sign Avatars

Started by C4G-TK, May 13, 2010, 02:08:56 AM

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Avatar collection that contains a large sample of United States Street Signs.
     - 6 Warning Signs (orange)
     - 29 Interstate Signs
     - 11 Speed Advisory Signs
     - Plus many more common, fun, and state specific signs!

These avatars would be great to be used as Board Icons with the use of the Images On Board Mod for forums that pertain to Travel, Automobiles, or the USA!

*** There are a total of 107 avatars in the collection!

You may use the files that I created to make your own by downloading the images I will attach in the support thread for the following:  Offset Square (in two colors), Square (in one color), Circle (in one color), Blank Yield, and Blank Stop Sign.  (Please be aware that when I created the avatars, I scaled them down to 76x76 in most cases and that these are larger, so you will need to scale down in order to fit with the ones in the package.)

Also included in the support thread will be the base for the Interstate Signs.  (I use Gimp, so you may need to use that program in order to open the file.)  All you need to do is edit the text layer and replace the number with what you want.  Save the file as a PNG and FTP to the folder with the rest of the avatars.

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