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Re: SMF <-> Mambo Bridge (Combined Readme)

Started by [Unknown], June 09, 2005, 05:39:57 PM

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Quote from: Kindred on June 09, 2005, 08:43:08 AM
A user over on the mamboserver forum has come up with a way to deal with the "nobody" owner permissions thing that many people are encountering with Mambo.

If the permissions problem occurs, you can usually work around it with MamboXplorer, but this information may help in avoiding many of the problems.

The way I get around this problem the LAZY way is I setup a CRONTAB in Cpanel. I noticed that Mambo addons was installing with the group "nobody" and owner "nobody". I like most of you like to edit PHP files using FTP also and not really shell(ing) into my box all that much. So since Cpanel has a CRON TAB, I put it to use.

Setup a CRONTAB to excute everyday or everyweek what ever for your problem directory or even the entire ROOT installation of mambo.

I created a CRONTAB command like this:

chown -Rv newownername /home/*YOURUSERNAME*/public_html/mambo/components

chgrp -Rv newownername /home/*YOURUSERNAME*/public_html/mambo/components

This changes the group "nobody" to my ftp ownername for everything under the components directory.

If you want to do the whole mambo installation. Then do your cron tab command like so:

chown -Rv newownername /home/*YOURUSERNAME*/public_html/mambo

chgrp -Rv newownername /home/*YOURUSERNAME*/public_html/mambo

If you want to do this only one time, then you will need to use a shell command to fix your ownership problems.

(the original post is: HERE

I prefer:

chown -R username:group /home/username/public_html/mambo/components

(just one command this way.  Add back the v, and you will probably get an email listing all files changed.)

You can also use the fix_ownership.php I posted elsewhere to sticky the uid (only on some hosts!) so files are created as username, not nobody.