Enable Guest Posting on One Forum?

Started by ishy, June 12, 2010, 05:28:15 PM

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I am trying to enable guest posting on one board only.  The board permissions keep taking me to the default profile for the whole group.  I tried to figure out how to create a new profile, but I can't find it, and I can't find where to change it so it doesn't set the whole forum like that.

I have reCAPTCHA for verification, so we'll see how that goes. If you have another suggestion for that, I'd love to hear it, too.



Click "Modify", beside the relevant board, then check "Guests", beside "Allowed groups".

Then, Admin>Boards, again.

Click "Permissions", beside the relevant board and allow guests to post.


Eh, as I said, that changes the default profile for the whole forum, not just one board.


Choose board where you want guest to make post in smf cp and then change guest permission on that board permission.

After that guest can post only on that board.
This work on SMF 2 RC3 I dont know for older version.


It doesn't work by just choosing the board and changing the permissions, as I said twice.  I solved it by creating a new profile, and changing the profile to that for that board.



I just installed SMF 1.1.11 and under Admin -> Boards there's just two links for each board: "move" and "modify" - just wondering how can I make it possible for guests to post?




You'll need to enable advanced boardpermissions:
Admin -> Permissions -> Settings -> Enable advanced by-board permissions
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