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Got stuck when converting boards

Started by phudq90, June 29, 2010, 12:28:48 AM

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I'm trying to convert from vb 3.8.5 to SMF 2.0 rc3 and got stuck at this step.

Converting members... Successful.
Converting administrators... Successful.
Converting categories... Successful.
Converting boards...The database value you're trying to insert does not exist: description

i dont know what description is ? discription in what database ? vbb or smf ? why smf dont show up a option to create that value if they does not exist ?

what a terrible converter!


"description" which you enter to describe the board... Are you using special mod to edit/add description to ur boards ?

also you can develop better converter if you dont like the current one ...


i dont use any mod to describe the boards. i also disable the hooks/plugins system before convert.

nothing special (no html markup, no images,...) in my board descriptions.

does conveter means the forums that have no description ?


if you are trying it on localhost ( or etc ),

open vbulletin37_to_smf.sql
Code (Find & Delete) Select
SUBSTRING(description, 1, 65534) AS description,

it helps to skip taking description part -i think- ( its not %100 ! do not try it on Live site converting wait for experts )