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Started by ballin, August 07, 2010, 07:00:55 AM

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Link to the theme

Altar is a nice light theme that's really easy on the eyes. It has a nice look with
a professional feeling to it. The color scheme is Gray, White, Sky Blue. This is
a free theme by ballinDesign.


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will go into helping keep ballinDesign up and running so we can provide you with more SMF themes. By donating, you'll also
have your name put under the donator's list. To donate, simply click the button below and follow the steps put:

- ballin

Checkout these other themes by ballinDesign:
- Graphics DENIM


Nice Theme , looks a bit .. apple-ish .. ;)
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Thanks Crip, lol ;p


Ballin, do you have this theme completed for SMF 2.0 RC3? :D :D

;) Thanks for make this theme  O:)


Sorry, had some setbacks due to personal issues. I'll have this converted to SMF 2.0 RC3 ASAP.


Oh! Thank you so much! and sorry for your personal issues... I didn't know


Adk Portal 3.1 is coming....

Design your universe!


It looks nice, thank you
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