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Welcome to the new malay board and its local moderator: ahrasis

Started by GravuTrad, September 23, 2010, 06:30:31 PM

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Hi to all, hi to malay people!

And welcome to this new board, with ahrasis as local moderator.

I hope it can well serve you, and the SMF team hope you'll participate a lot on your new board.

Good posts ladies and gentlemen. ;)
On a toujours besoin d'un plus petit que soi! (Petit!Petit!)

Think about Search function before posting.
Pensez à la fonction Recherche avant de poster.

Hj Ahmad Rasyid Hj Ismail

Thank you very much GravuTard.

I will do my best to support all Malay language users in this board.

To all fellow Malays, you can get a support here whether in English or in Malay (Bahasa Melayu) and I will answer in either language you use.
Kepada semua rakan-rakan berbahasa Melayu, anda boleh mendapatkan bantuan di sini sama ada dalam bahasa Inggeris atau bahasa Melayu dan saya akan cuba menjawabnya dalam mana-mana bahasa yang anda gunakan.