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SMF 2.0 RC3: Calendar and UTF-8

Started by retrib, June 13, 2010, 02:42:57 PM

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Good day!

Here's a pic:

/Themes/default/Calendar.template.php line 291

<th class="titlebg2 days" scope="col" ', $calendar_data['size'] == 'small' ? 'style="font-size: x-small;"' : '', '>', !empty($calendar_data['short_day_titles']) ? substr($txt['days'][$day], 0, 1) : $txt['days'][$day], '</th>';


<th class="titlebg2 days" scope="col" ', $calendar_data['size'] == 'small' ? 'style="font-size: x-small;"' : '', '>', !empty($calendar_data['short_day_titles']) ? $txt['days_short'][$day] : $txt['days'][$day], '</th>';


Hope that helped somebody.

Adish - (F.L.A.M.E.R)

Sweet, thanks. Although is this only with the language you are using or in english-utf8 aswell ?

What language is it anyway ? We can notify the language mods regarding it.


This bug should affect any UTF-8 lang files.

digger's way is cool too, but i wonder why there are short day tags?


Thank you for the report and for sharing your solution. :)
Indeed, I'd agree that since "short days" are already set, it should be better to use them instead of calculating them.
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