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Can I block Website URL's & Signatures for New Members?

Started by jay28, September 11, 2010, 08:23:54 PM

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Hello All,

I have a problem with a lot of spam accounts being created on my forum. Accounts are created but never used to post, links to dodgy URLS are entered in their profile under website & signature.  I have other spam prevention in place, so think they are created by humans rather than bots. I wondered if there is a way or mod to block access to this part of the profile for new members either by membergroup or until they have made X amount of posts? I can't seem to find anything on this and am sure I'm not the only one who has suffered with this issue.

I'm using SMF 1.1.11

Many thanks



Yes u can deny access to posting of rubbish website links in signatures for newbies (or any other grp u choose). Am on smf 1.1.11, and just did it for my forum too. The steps are as below:-

A]. First, you will need to enable this:

Admin> Permission> Settings
1. Enable the option to deny permissions
2. Enable permissions for post count based groups

Caution: Do Not Use The Deny Option Please.
Read This: Difference btw Disallow and Deny in permissions

B]. Then, go back to "Permissions by membergroups", and do the following:

1. Uncheck the "Edit additional profile settings" permission for all non-post count based groups such as Regular Members.
2. Make sure "Edit additional profile settings" is unchecked for the Newbie post count based group (it is by default).
3. Make sure all other post count based groups have "Edit additional profile settings" checked.

And you are done.
Good luck :)
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As far as I am aware there isn't anything you can do about the Website field..yet. I've been looking for months and asked here previously.


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Because it will screw up my flashchat mod, and I can't have my forum without it. I think there was one other issue too. But I don't recall. So no upgrading for me until there is something for that.


  i am having the same problem, and i dont know if its a recomended way of doing this,
but  to try and stop the spammers i tried the following,

i opened the ban list in members section  where you can select various triggers to ban members,
i chose ban the  ip address, after having noted the ip`s of the spammers(usually russian)
then creating a new ban with their ip address as the trigger,
i just add new ip`s to the list as they appear, and the flood has now dried to a trickle  ;D

looking at the ban log for this afternoon, one tried 85 times to sign up before leaving !,

(i`m using 1.1.12)