[SOLVED] [upgrade] users "awaiting approval" after forum upgrade to 2.0rc4

Started by dorje77, January 19, 2011, 05:00:25 AM

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Hello! :)

I've just upgraded my forum to 2.0rc4.

Everything went well, but I have now a message pending, that there are 23 users awaiting approval.

But, if i click on the link, the "awaiting approval" queue is empty (and that is correct - before upgrading I've removed all users from that queue).

Any idea? :)


Using the Stop Spammer mod?

There was a bug in RC4 relating to this, on the side, which has been fixed in the development branch of SMF and will be available in the next 2.0 release (hopefully the 'gold' one)



Ah so it WAS the bug in RC4 you hit. It's been fixed in SVN though so the next version will not have the same issue.


There is a patch for that. Download the attached file and install it using the Package Manager.

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I applied this fix and it didn't fix the problem; sorry.

Well, it worked once, then no longer solved the problem.
If I uninstall the package, then reinstall it, the problem is once again resolved ... until the next time when the "awaiting approval" numbers are incorrect.

This, essentially, seems to be a short-term fix.

Clearing the forum's logs resolves it as well.
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