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Reattribute User Posts & Remove Inactive Members

Started by davidhs, January 22, 2011, 02:19:43 PM

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I made two MODs for SMF 2.0 to add enhancements in "Administration Center > Forum Maintenance > Members" ("Reattribute User Posts" and "Remove Inactive Members"):
Reattribute posts with post numbers
Enhancements to purge inactive members

I would like to adapt to previous versions of SMF (1.0.x and 1.1.x) but can not find those sections.

Are they on another place or do not exist?


can you explain in more detail what your exact issue is? what do you mean by adapting to a prior version?


My MODs (write by me) work in SMF 2.0.

These MODs adds enhancements to "Reattribute User Posts" and "Remove Inactive Members" sections:
- Reattribute posts with post numbers: Adds the possibility to indicate the post numbers to be reattributed and if are guest posts or not.
- Enhancements to purge inactive members: Adds option to remove members according to date registered, maximum number of posts that members should have to be eliminated and maximum number of processed members to delete members.

Now, I want these mods work in SMF 1.x, but I not find the sections ("Reattribute User Posts" and "Remove Inactive Members") in the forum SMF 1.x.


those may not be features for smf 1.1.12 which may be why you cant find them.


They don't exist in 1.1.x. You would have to create them from scratch (which may be more trouble than it's worth).


Thank you both!

I checked the changelog of SMF (why I did not think before!) and is this: These functions were created in SMF 2.0 Beta x.

Quote from: Antechinus on January 22, 2011, 06:20:39 PMYou would have to create them from scratch (which may be more trouble than it's worth).
Certainly not worth doing from scratch.