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Error: Unable to verify referring url. When: Removing Old Posts

Started by David8, January 04, 2011, 02:55:27 PM

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Ask the author. You paid for it, you're entitled to take it back to him to make him fix it.

(I refuse to do anything where vbgamer's paid mods are concerned. Long story, not pleasant.)


Posted possible fix on my site.

Might impact a lot of mods now that I think about such as enotify or anything else that does another query on that page.

By default only skips the dlattach action.
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vbgamer45's patch fixed the problem.  However, I feel that there is a problem with SMF's method of checking security if it can be broken that easily.  The use of the $_SESSION[old_url] variable for verification makes a lot of assumptions about what is going on that, clearly, are not very robust.  In this case it was being changed in an unanticipated way.


I feel there's a problem if a mod is doing things it's not supposed to be doing - how is it SMF's fault that it has proper protection written in but that a mod has been written badly (or more accurately, written for 1.1.x and ported to 2.0 because that's how 1.1.x admin system was written, to use first level actions) that breaks existing functionality?



I knew enough to figure out where the problem was.  I do not know enough to have patched it my self. I also am not saying whose programing is at fault here.  Don't know enough about the overall architecture.  It may well be that AdPro is doing things it should not be doing.  I appreciate your help.