Being logged out by bots trying to log in

Started by ACAMS, January 11, 2011, 11:11:02 PM

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Vincent Volmer

I don't want to blame a mod...again...  so I'll say this very carefully.....

When disabling the httpBL mod the VPS didn't stress at all.... so this mod could be the reason but I don't know for sure. With this mod enabled the VPS went very oft into STALE or WARN status but the status is (since yesterday 7 march19:02): OK.......

Maybe the mod 'eats' to many memory from our VPS (2Gb RAM)? I run only 4 websites: 1 big and 2 small websites and a X-Cart webstore

We'll see what is going to happen the upcoming days..... we also upgraded the VPS with 512MB RAM this morning

SPAM/bot protection is now (only): Stop Spammer, Login Detector and Disable Tor access to forum

I hope this is enough for now.



Vincent Volmer

Quote from: butchs on March 07, 2011, 07:25:57 PM
My guess is a bot or several are hitting you hard and fast.  Checking the latest visitor log in cpanel at that time range should confirm it is a bot.  If so FF with just DOS protection, 1 hr ban and cache will stop it in a few weeks.

We're using DirectAdmin but I can't view user logs when the VPS is DEAD. To get it working again we needed to reboot the VPS and all logs are deleted after that. So I can't see what or who is causing it.

But maybe we found the reason (previous post....). Of course a bot can make httpBL very busy and that will definitely take some memory... So I don't blame the httpBL/Honey pot mod but it could be the reason for the VPS to crash in our case.

Maybe I should blame the VPS......  :-\

Vincent Volmer

An hour ago I had the same issue again. The server didn't crash this time but the database connection was lost. X-Cart couldn't also not connect to the database because of to many connections.....

I'm starting to get a bit crazy about this. My webhoster told me that it must be an SMF issue...... in that case I need to finish the translation and update ASAP so I can start with new files and install all mods again.

But is it an SMF issue? I removed LD and DT ..... to see if these do something wrong in my case. These are also the last 2 protection mods... help  :'(