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Started by Team, April 04, 2011, 07:21:01 PM

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Link to the theme

Beltane, a nice fire based theme to celebrate this scred day.

Beltane or Beltaine is the anglicised spelling of Old Irish Beltain, the Gaelic name for either the month of May or the festival that takes place on first day of May.

Bealtaine was historically a Gaelic festival celebrated in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. Bealtaine and Samhain were the leading terminal dates of the civil year in medieval Ireland, though the latter festival was the more important. The festival regained popularity during the Celtic Revival and remains observed in the Celtic Nations and the Irish diaspora.

In Irish Gaelic, the month of May is known as Mí Bhealtaine or Bealtaine, and the festival as Lá Bealtaine. In Scottish Gaelic, the month is known as either Cèitean or a' Mhàigh, and the festival is known as Latha Bealltainn or simply Bealltainn. The feast was also known as Céad Shamhain or Cétshamhainin from which the word Céitean derives. Beltane was formerly spelled 'Bealtuinn' in Scottish Gaelic; in Manx it is spelt 'Boaltinn' or 'Boaldyn'. In Modern Irish, Oidhche Bealtaine or Oíche Bealtaine is May Eve, and Lá Bealtaine is May Day. Mí na Bealtaine, or simply Bealtaine is the name of the month of May.

So lets celebrate the sabbat with style on your forum.

(taken from wikipedia)
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Hasta La Vista

Very interesting, but seems good!


Howdy!  I realize this is an older theme (120 days or more per the reply) but it has been updated to 2.0.5. according to the theme description.  This is my first time customizing a theme and I used Beltane as a reference to do so.

That said, I edited most of the graphics in the theme .zip, but kept their names the same.  I made no changes to any of the supporting .php, .xml, or .css files when I installed the theme.

Here's what my two issues are:

1.  When I install the theme from a file after editing it and re-zipping it, I'm receiving a pure white forum background (not background image, but background of the main content area; screenshot is attached) no matter what I edit in the index.css.  I've kept a clean copy of the index.css as well as the rtl.css; so if I don't fix an issue, or make something worse, I just overwrite every change I make with the original and begin again.

Now when I upload the original .zip file of Beltane with no image changes, the transparent grey background appears just fine.  I don't understand how changing the images would change the css components of that area.

2.  In my edited version of Beltane, I added one image (a banner image) to use as the banner for the site.  When I add the URL of the banner image into the Logo URL option for Beltane, I get nothing.  There isn't an error; the banner just isn't present.

I hope you or another fellow author can assist me.  I know I can figure this out at some point, but I'm learning everything about SMF, PHP, and re-learning css all from scratch.  It's definitely a challenge and I'm really trying to get this forum looking good for the owner of the board.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

P.S.  The screenshot is inside of a Word document.  I'm at work so I had to use Office for my print screen.  Also I can't seem to post the URL to the board, though the theme I'm working on isn't set to Current at the time.  If you need it, I'll go through the motions of adding it without it being a real URL.


Got this resolved.  After digging through Inspect Element for awhile, I finally figured out why the white was happening.

The screenshot for this theme =/= the actual index.css file.  The content_section, header, and a few other areas all have a background url for a white.png.  I had been looking for colors and completely missed this.

Issue resolved.


Sorry to bother you folks.  My issue is with the main_block.png file.  I'm using the Beltane theme as a base for customizing my friend's forum; so the CSS in the index.css is based off of it.  The only changes I've made are coloring and image coloring.

That said, for some reason the main_block.png appears not to be loading where it's supposed to.  As seen in the attachment, the header is completely black where (unless I'm completely off base) the main_block.png would normally be located.

I can give a link to the site, however the theme I'm working on is not the current theme so the users don't feel the effects while I work on this.  As for the general aesthetics, I'm slowly getting them in order (for one; all the black will at some point not be so glaringly visible) but the header is my main project right now.  I'd like to either get the main_block.png working correctly, or figure out why it isn't and put in a replacement.

If you can tell me what other information you need, I'll get it posted ASAP.  Thank you for your assistance.


this theme doesnt use that image for the look ... its used for cat bg and calander that is all.

Also please use actual image extentions such as jpegs and gifs for screenshots.


Ah good to know, thanks Bryan.  That's answers why I couldn't find anything for the header.

Sorry about the word document; I stated in an earlier post why I had to use it though.  At work I don't have a graphics editor so I'm forced to dump the SS into what's available.



Is there a way to separate (without a mod) the posts/topics and replies/views columns in your theme?  Do I edit that from the default Curve's templates since Beltane doesn't have any templates except for the index.template.php?

Thanks again.


not my theme anymore, but copy boardindex.template messageindex.template and display.template of teh default theme to Beltane theme and you can then make the changes without altering the default theme