Author Topic: YABB SE 1.5xy -> SMF 1.1.13: password problem - umlauts/special chars?  (Read 15135 times)

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finally i've managed to convert an old and heavily modded yabbse database to smf. that involved a lot of manual work.
now it seems to be fine. converted from latin to utf8. display is right.

the only problem i have - i can't login.
one password doeas work (i get that "password security has been upgraded" message, i retype it and then it works).

for the other account i've tried, there are numerous special chars and german umlauts in it.
first, i get the "security upgraded" message. i assume it is always displayed when password lenght and salt is not set.
and that one it fails. though i know it works on another installation

i looked up form encoding, it's  accept-charset="UTF-8". maybe there's some js stuff working on the password?

anybody an idea?

thanks :-)