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Started by Team, May 06, 2011, 05:51:44 PM

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Link to the theme

One of my original themes brought back to life for 1.1.13, the themes is a nice dark colors, great for forums that wants a minimalistic Dark look, very simple and very lightweight.  Pagan has been through 3 incarnations, and to keep with the times uses CSS3.
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Nice theme. but I found one tiny issue:   

I found that the buttons on the main menu-bar (home / help / search / admin /...etc.)  "jump" when i mouse-over the buttons, as the "hover" produces a different size button from when the menu appears without any actions performed on it.   

has anyone else has this problem?  any ideas on how to fix?


never seen this issue what browser are you using?
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It does it in all browsers for me.
and still no submenu possible? (using the latest version jan. 2017)

Is that difficult to fix that?
If somebody could tell me in which files that must be i can setup a testforum and see the standard theme differences there.

I am beginner at this. For our forum i changed some colors and a few pics

Thanks in advance for any reaction ;-)