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Started by !RFAN, May 12, 2011, 07:56:36 AM

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i dont know what happened to it..
topic listing is totally disturbed in " Related topics"

same problem is on other theme's board index...

plz suggest me slution for this..



It might depend on what you did, just before this started happening, Irfan.

Did you add any mods, or edit anything?


i noticed it after making so many edits... i made some edits then removed some of them..then made some more edits... i don't know which edit made this mistake.. can u specify the file which is responsible for this...

added topic listing in a board on another theme..


can anybody help me plz??



Looks like you did edits to Board.index.php. Or, perhaps, BoardIndex.template.php.

I think it's those you should be checking-out.

Apologies for the delay. Had a seriously busy last couple of days, I'm afraid. :(


it was because of slider mod.

thanks for the support :)