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Invalid arguments passed error in log

Started by Kaitlyn, May 21, 2011, 03:53:10 AM

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I seem to be getting these 2 errors in my log only from guests who visit the forum not sure if something was changed that shouldn't of been or not

http://www.jesusay.com/index.php?http://www.jesusay.com/subscriptions/add/leadid/2021/backto/18: Undefined variable: user_infoFile: /home/human/public_html/Themes/default/BoardIndex.template.php (main sub template - eval?)
Line: 312

http://www.jesusay.com/index.php?http://www.jesusay.com/subscriptions/add/leadid/2021/backto/12: implode() [<a href='function.implode'>function.implode</a>]: Invalid arguments passedFile: /home/human/public_html/Themes/default/BoardIndex.template.php (main sub template - eval?)
Line: 312


The first thing to do, is to go to Admin>Server settings and check "Disable evaluation of templates", because that's giving you false errors.

Once you've done that, clear the error log and post any new errors you get.