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Random Quote

Started by Marcus Forsberg, January 31, 2009, 06:52:59 PM

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I sure wish somebody would update this mod for 2.0 rc3. Has the support for this mod been abandoned? Are there other mods similar to this mod that are compatible with 2.0?


Still using RC3?
Please update to RC4, that is what mod updates are updating to now, RC3 is now a archived download and RC4 is current.


No support for this...I know. But randomly today I updated to FireFox 4.0.1 and the title "random quote" on my forum changed from being one color to another color just from the update. Nothing done to coding or anything. Its a color you can't even make out either. Might have to uninstall this mod now :(


Can you send a screenshot our way?


Sure. See how "random quote" is now a reddish color? It wasn't like that before, before it was white or the pinkish color I use for Categories. Strange that it changed all of the sudden with the update