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Started by Akyhne, July 09, 2011, 12:23:22 PM

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For SMF 2.0+ only!

A dark, gloomy theme based on Inno, which made it easier for me to do some things. Also inspired by The Killing - my first official theme.

October 2011:
! Checkboxes could not be determined if they were checked or not in Opera 11.51

December 2011:
+ Added SMF 2.1 style drop down menu




nice work on the haleon theme. im using it in my forum.

Just one question. How do I add a Logo on the top center and remove the hello user and time on the right side



on second thought.

Might as well remove everything on top including avatar, hello user, search box, date and extend my logo the entire width of the forum.

Profile and admin button i  want to move just after CALENDAR l  MEMBERS l LOGOUT l PROFILE l ADMIN

Thanks in advance


I was thinking something like this.



That would require a lot of changes to the theme.


Would be something like this (not tested). You'll have to do the rest yourself.


Quote from: Akyhne on July 10, 2011, 12:08:02 PM
Would be something like this (not tested). You'll have to do the rest yourself.

thanks but i only have 1% knowledge in coding. so I guess I just have to leave it as is.



I love this theme except for one thing.

I don't see the links for new posts since last visit and new replies to your posts.

Did you take that out of this theme or am I just missing something?


Nevermind, I found them.

For anyone else who has the same problem, you view the new replies to your posts and new posts since last visit links by hovering your mouse over the Profile button.

Great theme Akyhne.

I installed it on a friend's forum and she just loves it.

I should add that all total, over various forums, I'm using three of your themes.

Besides this one, I'm also using The Killing and a modified version of Bad Company 3.

Thanks and please keep up the good work.


I would never remove the two most important links out of any of my themes ;)


This theme has been moved to my own theme site (read first post).