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Broken Theme in 1.1.14 and Reverting to Another Theme? Without the trick..

Started by imburner, July 16, 2011, 06:18:39 AM

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What happens when you cant get this to work by using the ?theme=1 ?

Whats another way to get to the admin page or what to change in a settings file.. Thanks!


Hi, upload the attached file to the root of your forums and access it by url. (http://mySite.com/myForum/reset_themes.php).

That should set your forum back to the default theme

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Thank you for the reply.. It only sent me to /forum/index.php?theme=1 which was broken.. I even tried theme=2 and three and I cant get any to work now for whatever reason.

Any way I can manually edit it somewhere as far as what theme it will take?? Its really odd



I am getting a "Some settings are not being shown because the MySQL connection information is incorrect." and see nothing for the theme...


can you verify that your mysql connection information is correct? check your settings.php file.


I am looking at it and cross referencing it with my settings.php file.. What is odd is that the password for the database in the settings repair tool stops at a certain key in the pass of ;... So for instance if my password is 5555;555 then in the settings repair tool it shows 5555 and thats it, being possibly broken by the ; ??

Just throwing out anything I see.


that could be the issue, can you try resetting your password to something without the ; in it and changing it in repair_settings.php and see if that helps you to reset the themes?


Yes it was the issue.. The password with that symbol made it not stick.. Thank you all for chiming in!!!!!!!