Author Topic: Bad idea to reuse translated sentence  (Read 30703 times)

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Bad idea to reuse translated sentence
« on: August 29, 2011, 06:19:37 AM »
It's a bad idea, and not done in SMF for a few reasons:

1. Context.  Maybe it's handled that way in English, but in other languages that might make translation difficult.
2. Efficiency.  You should never load a language file you don't need - and ./ won't work in 99% of all cases either.
3. Phraseology.  It is less than optimal to have every error message phrased the same way - it gets old.  Using slightly different phrasings for each message (when they are never displayed in a group/together...) makes them "feel" a lot better.
4. Dependencies/Upgrading.  What if, later, a string you are using in one language file gets removed... or renamed... or changed?  What if a mod or theme uses it differently?

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Re: Bad idea to reuse translated sentence
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