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Weighted Karma

Started by T D, August 30, 2014, 01:27:42 PM

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Weighted Karma
By: Snoring Ninja || || Special thanks to my friend Justin

Two Karma Mods in One
This mod does a few different things, all of which can be ignored and not enabled.

  • Add weight to karma
  • Ignore posts required to give karma and use a user's karma count instead
  • Easy access to reset all user karma to a set level in Admin > Maintenance > Forum Maintenance > Routine > Reset all user karma to a set level

Weighted Karma
Weighted karma is a simple idea: take a user's karma and divide by the weight set in the admin panel to give that amount of karma instead of 1. So, if the weight is 15 and a user has 200 karma, they would give 13 karma.  I did not add weight to negative karma, as I am against that.  The weight system comes with two options.

  • Weight to divide by
  • Max amount that can be given (prevents outrageous amounts)
  • Max karma that can be given at once

Give Karma Based on User Karma, Not Post Count
One gripe I have with SMF's karma is that it relies on post count when determining if a user is able to give karma.  To go around this, I decided that I would rather use a person's karma count to determine whether or not a user is able to give karma.  This works just like it sounds and if the option is enabled it ignores the post count option and uses a user's karma count. The message box can be left blank for a default message if a user without enough karma attempts to give another user karma.  Setting a message here will be shown in place of the default message.

This mod is released under the MIT License.


SMF 2.0.13
Default Theme
Utf8 Turkish


Quote from: akbora on August 30, 2014, 05:17:05 PM
Have you SS please
Sorry for the delayed response - images have been added to the mod page.


Update: the mod has been updated to 1.2, which adds the option to reset all karma_good levels to a given value and karma_bad to 0 in Admin > Maintenance > Forum Maintenance > Routine > Reset all user karma to a set level