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Missing style.css in default theme when installing mod?

Started by alexwatchtower, November 05, 2011, 12:08:39 AM

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I am attempting to install the BBC table mod for SMS 2.0.1.

It seems I have to install it manually but it's telling me to change the code in ./Themes/default/style.css

There isn't a style.css file in there.

There isn't one in my current theme's folder either. I'm not very good at this. What do I do?


Is there an index.css file?  2.0.1 has an index.css. The 1.1.x versions carry the style.css. The mod that you are looking at is way outdated and will most likely not work on 2.0.1 without major re-tooling.

No, I will not offer free downloads to Premium DzinerStuido themes. Please stop asking.


That mod was last updated for 2.0 RC1.2  There have been many changes since then to the final 2.0 version. The mod may work, it may not, depending on the edits required. 
All 2.0 themes now use the css file in /Themes/yourtheme/css/index.css
You can try to edit the index.css file for your theme AND the default theme if using a different theme, but there is a good possibility that it still may not work correctly.


also you would be best to post mod related questions in the mods support thread so those that use the mod can help you.