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Exclude boards from RSS feeds

Started by emanuele, November 07, 2011, 03:28:22 PM

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Link to Mod

From an idea of AngelinaBelle, this is a very small mod that allows to control if the content of a board should appear in the RSS feeds (global or category-specific) or not.

Normally the feeds are created including all messages/topics from all the boards visible for the member looking at it, with this mod you can control which boards will be displayed in the RSS feed.

In order to change the status of a board you have to go to: admin > Forum > Boards > Modify Boards and select the link "modify" next to the board you want to exclude from the feeds, then selecting the new option Exclude this board from RSS feeds the board's content will not be displayed in the "global" feed (the one including all the boards and topics, don't know how to call it in another way :P), and in the feed specific for the category the board belongs to.

Feeds board-specific are not affected by this mod (i.e. adding for example ";boards=1" will display the feed for the board with id 1 regardless it is "excluded" or not).

Take a peek at what I'm doing! ;D

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Great mod!
Thanks a lot emanuele... this function should be included on main SMF, it is a nice and helpful feature...
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