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Would deleting old update links hurt?

Started by perfec2, December 27, 2011, 11:26:13 AM

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After updating each update, in my package manager list there is alway old update link below:
10. SMF 1.0.21 / 1.1.13 Update 1.0                                     [ List Files ] [ Delete ]

But without link to uninstall, I want to know deleting them from the forum system hurt the forum? Also would leaving them hurt?
I have all these links upto 1.1.15.
Please help


leaving them does not hurt anything unless you have space restrictions on your server. also they can be uninstalled if you uninstall each one starting at the last one you installed.


There is no uninstall link in them just  [ List Files ] [ Delete ] Would deleting them mean also uninstall in this case, or how could I uninstall them as I think there is no need them being there.
And most I follow their updates line to remove them such 1.15, 1.14, 1.13? Because I just finished installing 1.16


you should NEVER uninstall the patches or your forum would be at risk for the security fixes that those patches applied. you can delete them but there is really no reason unless you need the space.

delete does NOT mean uninstall.


Thank you for clarifying this. Then, I will leave them as that doesn't prevent or affect any significant space for now. Just want to be sure I am getting things right.