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Started by Bugo, January 05, 2012, 11:13:27 PM

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Prince of Darkness, Curve's variation? Look at screenshot.


At first, big thanks to @Bugo!

I searched long time just to find a compatible "Topic Rating" Mod. for my forum. Because i have the newest SMF version (2.0.2) and all other mods are not compatible with my SMF Version, but finally i found it. I have only to small problems with that mod.

1. Problem: I`m using a bright Theme (flagrant) its a little bit difficult to see this Modification (Topic Rate), because its bright too. So is it not possible to add a text beside the mod. ? Like  "Rate this Topic" ? Can you please tell me how to fix it? It will be very nice.

Here is a screenshot:

2. Problem: I created two language.php files. German and Turkish. But anyway, you will see the mod in turkish. I selected under my profileoption the language of german, but the Mod. is still in turkish. Can you please take a look of my changed Modification? Is everything ok? I dont think so.


1. TopicRating.template.php
2. Did you try to change language via Admin -> Configuration -> Languages?


Hi, thank you for this great Mod!

Someone knows how to show the mini-ratings on a portal?
I'm using Adk-Portal with Auto-News which adds recent topics to the portal.

Any idea what code I have to add when I want to show the ratings for a known topic-id?

Thanks in advance for any help!



Quote from: Bugo on February 16, 2012, 08:54:25 AM
1. TopicRating.template.php
2. Did you try to change language via Admin -> Configuration -> Languages?

1. Please can you tell me where in the "TopicRating.template.php" i must put my text? I dont want to get a error.
2. My Forum is set to turkish, But anyway, i have selected under my profileoption the language of german. So every mod. is changed to german, for me. Bu not the Topic Rating Bar, its still of turkish. But really, this is not so important, much more important is Number 1, in which line can i put my own text? Like this "Rate This Topic"



Translation for:

Strong people don't put others down, they lift them up.
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Quote from: Bugo on February 18, 2012, 09:32:26 AM
Try a new version.

You are the best! Finally everything works now! The Language file and the text beside mod! Thank you so much!


Is there a way to show the stars in the board where the topic are? In front of each topic or so.
I can see the stars inside the topic but not outside.

And it would be really great if you could add support to vote own topics.


Of course..Modification Settings>Topic Rating Bar  then Display mini-rating on the message index
Strong people don't put others down, they lift them up.
A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.


I had already checked the mini-rating box but it won't show the stars...

I'm using Prince of Darkness theme. I think it's pretty much the standard theme but with color modifications.


looks like there is a bug when caching is enabled (Caching with MemCache - Level 1 and up).
if caching is enabled the rating is shown up only some time....


Any Help need.

Some members (and me too, as an admin) can rate topics. This happend since some days...

Always i read "You can't rate own topics!" but the topic was not started by me or the new members.

Also, for some members it is possible to rate this topics...curios! Maybe a cookie problem?


Bombing out completely a just displaying a message that says, "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '&', expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in blah/blah/blah/Sources/Subs-TopicRating.php on line 322

The only way I can get my site to open at all is to delete the Subs-TopicRating.php file.  I walked through the installer xml and it looks like everything ran the way it was supposed to and the database changes in database.php were made,  but I'm having no luck with the mod and it sounds like something I can really use.

SMF v 2.0.2

Any ideas?



Need help with my problem. Im the admin and cannot rate topics...


I had the same problem with the stars showing up without any text, and then out of nowhere the mod vanished entirely. I'm not sure what happened, but the bar does not show up, even if I uninstall it and reinstall the mod.

I got tons of these in my error log too:

    Today at 02:27:33 PM
Type of error: General;board=olympus-digital-pen-and-pen-cameras;topic=e-p1-used-prices-predicament.msg150738: unserialize() [<a href='function.unserialize'>function.unserialize</a>]: Argument is not a stringFile: [...]Sources/Subs-TopicRating.php
Line: 104



I don't know if this is done by someone else  - find att'ed the german language
my forum
my testforum

my mods - which I only made them work for 2.0 Gold:
Topics Filter v3.2 SMF 2.0 Gold


1. The star outlines (gray) are not appearing because they blend in with my theme's background. Where in TopicRating.template.php can I modify the color of the outlines?

2. Can I modify the text bar to read "Rate this drink" instead of "Rate this topic"?

Thank you for any and all help! [nofollow]


1. You can change all_stars.png file located in /Themes/default/images dir.
2. Just edit your language file (/Themes/default/languages/TopicRating/).


User can do rating.

But mini stars doesn't show on post category during log-in session.

Only appears when log out.

Any idea how to fix this problem?