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Started by live627, December 14, 2009, 11:36:51 AM

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Hello, could a SMF 1.1.18 version of this mod be done please?

Thank you
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I'm wondering if it would be possible to have the date-based sort order on certain boards but use this for the rest of the boards.

I realize this would not be useful for everyone and I'm not asking for a complete change of the mod, but is it possible that i could change that manually somehow, if so: how and what would I need to change? :)

I'm using 2.0.5 and the board Id's i don't want included in this (if that matters) is '4' and '6'.

Thank you!


Except it will be a complete change of the mod to implement, sorry.


Oh, that's too bad, I should have realized when i looked at the mod. We'll just have to decide what we need to most, the locked topics of all boards to stay at the bottom or not. :) Thanks anyway!



Awesome mod with awesome idea, but with 1 huge con. What to do when there are hundreds or thousands of topics and nice percent of that topics are locked and latest locked topic is not going to bottom, but somewhere in the middle page as 1st locked topic?
Now the problem is you might want recently closed topic to see it again. If you have for example 200 pages of not locked topics and 100 pages of locked topics, recently locked topic with Today time won't go at bottom, but if there are 300 pages in total it will go to page 201 from total of 300 pages which makes it almost impossible to find for the most of users, even for very experienced SMF users. So my point is here is used very bad logic, recently locked topic should go very bottom at the last page, and not in the middle. Is there solution for this logical problem?

I'm using it for years and for large boards where often can be seen hundreds of locked topics, its real mess to find unless if I check directly in my profile, or if I know someone else who posted in that topic or from Moderation Log which I guess majority of administrators barely use for such purpose.

On Download this mod page is a screenshot which is showing this logic where there are 2 topics with topic subject Test and oldest topic is at very bottom, newer are going to middle so navigation after locking makes searching for that topic very difficult.