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Started by Bugo, January 12, 2012, 04:28:36 PM

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Nice mod. :)
Hungarian translation attached.

I have a idea, is there a way to display ads to the right and (or) left side to the pictures. Google adsense ads or other ads with html code.


I like it - very slick little mod.  :)


I have found a little bug. When a member attach a image with 1600x1200 pixel size. The fancy box dosen't showing it, just the big picture. I have tried this in my test place, just the forum and this mod was installed. Same mistake. Thanks for your help.


Screen shot? Any example link?


My test site is localhost based. Only logged in users can see the pictures in my live forum.
I have attached a picture from my test site. You can see a red arrow, that is a smaller attached picture. With the smaller picture works perfect the fancy box.
I have attached the original bigger picture to you can try this picture in your test site.


I could not repeat the problem.


Have you tried with the attached image size? If i make a user to my live site you can view the problem, but it is the same compared to the attached image.

Test site is new installed smf 2.0.2 and the fancybox mod, no other mods are installed.

Same problem with 1280x960 pixel pictures, when i modify the pictures result to 1024x768 then work fancybox fine.


Well, just look at my screen shot. As you see, it works with big images, without any problems.


I don't know what could be the problem, anyway thanks for your reply and help.

Mr E S Stranger

Just out of curiosity, would anyone know why and/or how to fix an issue with the SMF Quiz mod and this mod?

The quiz mod will not work properly when this mod is installed. It has a pop up window that's constantly in a loading state when this mod is installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


smf 2.0.3  default theme curve  simple portal 3.2.5

Using fancybox in my forum, no problems so far.

Is there a possibly to call fancybox from a simple portal block for all attachments in the attachment dir ?


Quote from: Abhay Trivedi on May 09, 2012, 05:56:28 AM
Nice mod. Loving it on my Forum. :D
but if you could include a automatic image resize according to users browser window then this will complete the mod. :D
and a suggestion. You can add a download image option too. :D
so the forums hosting wallpapers will have this complete mod :D
I image resize option would be invaluable :)



Thanks for the mod. We like it a lot.

We notice that fancy box image display seems to go under the quick reply box. (see attached image)  I assume I could change the z-index. Just wondered if you might give me a tip?

Kind thanks



Wow, just seeing this!  I love FancyBox, used it on this page here: and created my own Download Button in the same style as the other buttons are.  But yeah, this is, by far, one of the best image viewing plugins out there!  And the fact that you can convert alt tags into descriptions, instead of using image title attributes makes this a HUGE PLUS!


I've installed this mod on a test site and it works well, apart from one thing.

Inline images have a size limit of 500x500.  When I open an image with Fancybox, it is zoomed out to its full size in the viewer.  Great.  However, it is also zooming the original inline image to its full size as well!!

If I close Fancybox, then re-open the same image once again in Fancybox ... this time it reverses the process and it is now reduced to the size limit as imposed in SMF settings!  So when I close Fancybox, the image in the message has gone back to the original size as per the SMF settings limit.

So, Fancybox is effectively 'toggling' the inline image size, between it's real size and the forum limited size imposed by the forum settings.

I would say this is a bug?  Any chance of fixing it, or of suggesting how I can fix it myself?

(BTW ... This is a really nice mod :) )


The reason you're experiencing that is that in a normal SMF installation, you can click on the image in the post to toggle between the resized version and the full-sized one.

If you don't want it to do that, you can remove this code from Themes/default/scripts/theme.js

// Add a load event for the function above.
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Hi, longtime user of this cool mod. I was wondering, how do I turn on the traffic saving option? It is greyed out. Do I need to install some plugin or something for it to work? Thanks for your reply!


At first you should enable "Processing of images that inserted with img tag" option.


Oh I get it now.
It's a no-go for my use then, as we have a lot of imagebam/imagevenue/... clickable thumbnails that won't work then.
I actually thought that traffic saving was for post attached images, where it would have been of great use.. as one could allow guests to view attachments but still save server bandwidth.
Thanks anyway!