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Started by Team, January 20, 2012, 10:52:17 AM

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Created by Runic

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For SMF 2.0.2


This theme uses a classic look to give yyou a dark yet colorful theme, the theme has various features added some of which are new or have not been done in 2.0 for a long time.  Please understand that due to a new look Display.template custom fields and some mods will not work.

  • Custom Copyright
  • Advertisement Area's
  • New Look Display Page
  • Indicator Changer
  • Footer Links (Borrowed from Ricky. (hope he doesnt mid))
This theme heavily uses CSS3 that will not work in all older browsers.
The theme is released under "Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0"however permission is granted for you to modify the theme for your own site needs aslong as copyright remains in place, for more information please ask on only.

I wish to thank Mari-Chi for helping with the links Ricky. for the code i used for the footer links, and all my friends for testing theme
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Michael D. Garcia

Incredible theme, Runic.  Amazing.



wonderful theme... totally all mods supporting theme... nice work... :) :) :) :) :-*

only a coustam smileys not working with this theme...
Me feel proude to use SMF!!


Hey I need to place a Logo in the header of this templatge, how do I do that?

Doesnt seem to be any Logo option in the settings like most templates, anyway I can code this in?



yes that feature is not part of the theme, the best idea would be to remove the news section and place the img there.

in index.template.php find

<div class="news normaltext">';
// Show a random news item? (or you could pick one from news_lines...)
if (!empty($settings['enable_news']))
echo '
<h2>', $txt['news'], ': </h2>
<p>', $context['random_news_line'], '</p>';

echo '

and replace it with

<div class="news normaltext"><img src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/YOURLOGO.png" alt="Logo" /></div>

Replace YOURLOGO with your logo name and prefix assuming its in your theme im ages folder also change Logo to what ever you want.


Cool thanks ill try that. Id loose the News box?
Any chance I can keep it in some way?



Play around with that section ... Try putting img code after the </div> and before the ';


Thanks a lot for the code, that helped, I played around with it for a few hours and got many amusing results.
But im sorry to say I could only get it underneath or above (pushing the news over to the personal greeting section)

I would ofcourse prefer placeing the Logo iun the center, since there is a lot of space there (on most screens), but im not adverse to placing it where the news is now, it could certainly work.

But, I need a news section, its essential for the work im trying to do.

So, any chance I could place the news section somewhere else? Like in the banner area usually reserved for advertizement?

That would make the news more noticable as well.




Great theme first off.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to add the Posters details such as Avatar, post count and forum rank to posts?




Ok, thanks for getting back to me.


This theme looks great, seems to be supporting the basic mods, but for some reason my forum avatars aren't showing up anymore. In my settings I see that "Don't show avatars" is UNchecked, so everything should be fine. I'm using Simpleportal, but haven't noticed this problem with any other themes
Any help is appreciated. Scornful comments will be met with a blank stare


sorry im not fully around till October (living in Greece atm) anyway what you mean avatars not showing in what part of the forum?



Currently using Smooth and loving it but,

When looking at posts from people it becomes rather text dense. It is not displaying the profile on the left of the textbox.

Any idea if this is related to the theme or is there a place somewhere in SMF settings where you can toggle this on/off?

Thanks in advance,


Could you post a screen shot?
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Quote from: DMDrake on April 27, 2018, 11:20:07 AM
When looking at posts from people it becomes rather text dense. It is not displaying the profile on the left of the textbox.

Any idea if this is related to the theme or is there a place somewhere in SMF settings where you can toggle this on/off?

Im kinda guessing its because this is how the theme was designed the theme doesnt have the coding for left user panel.  Also guessing its looking like the image from the Theme Site page.

Only way to get the left userbar is to delete the display.template.php from the smooth theme folder on your site so it would call on the default one, however you may need to alter the css to get it to display correctly.