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Which file extension do you download?

Started by Thantos, January 20, 2012, 08:20:06 PM

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When downloading SMF packages which file extension do you use?

30 (76.9%)
5 (12.8%)
4 (10.3%)

Total Members Voted: 39


I generally use the tar.gz files because they're smaller than zip archives.
Michael Eshom
Christian Metal Fans


Generally i use the zip files,but sometimes i use the tar.gz voted for zip


Thanks for all the feedback all.  I did mean the install/upgrade/update packages and have edited the first post to clarify that.

As for why I'm asking:  I'm looking at redoing the download page.  One thing I noticed is that we present a lot of choices to the users instead of just making it simple with the option of being complex.  Before I made a decision on it (one way or the other) I wanted to get some data.

At this time I don't know of any plans to add or remove any archive types.


Friendly little bump.  Thanks for all those that have voted.


What problems have you been seeing with the zips?