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The New Online Manual has gone "Gold"

Started by Angelina Belle, February 15, 2012, 10:26:38 AM

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In a matter of irony that would leave you with the top level link and nothing else.

Angelina Belle

Kind of like the "Home" button. Or the "community" button.
A little bit inconsistent, but probably less confusing than what we've got.

I will make a note of the inconsistency.
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Indeed. A lot of quality work from the doc guys.
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2.0 beta 3.1 is many years old. Use 2.0.4 instead, you will find all the language files in Themes/default/languages - if you are still using 2.0b3.1 you should definitely upgrade due to dozens of security issues found in the years since it came out.

Also note that contains a Vietnamese entry.