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bbDkp for SMF Possible ?

Started by zedole, April 30, 2012, 04:26:47 PM

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Hello, I come to you because I saw that there Phpbb on a portal dedicated to the MMORPG type game. The purpose of this portal is to ensure that members register on the forum can choose the games on which they want to be. Here's basically what it might look like:

1 - The member put his profile on one or two games with the name of his or her characters.
2 - Once done, it will have the opportunity to participate in raids based on games.
3 - The games that the administrator can choose to install will be for example: Aion, Rift, Lotr, WoW, Guild Wars 2, Diablo III, Tera
4 - The roster of characters can track outputs, raids, operations.
5 - In the profiles, the roles will be to choose:

Typical example:
Username: Kalimra
What games? Diablo III, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR
Choosing race for Diablo III
Choosing race for Guild Wars 2
Choosing race for SWTOR

Class played such a game, such a game ..... role play

I think it would be nice to do this type of portal or mods. It could provide a huge plus to SMF

Sorry for my english and thank you.

You can see exemple bbdkp : hxxp:demo.bbdkp.com/portal.php?sid=f2f28e2fd3d66fbb3ed86fb52472391f [nonactive]


I think this would be better for a mod request :) I can't move it for you, though, so perhaps a team member can move this for you. :)


Yes, if you can this are very nice :)

Thank you and sorry for my error.