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Ah yes, "reliable" is really very relative. Simple matchings are done very well and most of the searchs return reasonable suggestions for your string. Yeah, you can say that it's not perfect and I'd agree on that; but it's quite unfair and absurd to say "not clever enough to match doesn't to does not".

It's not unfair at all. Google does not consistently or reliably have the two being the same thing at all.

For example I just did a search on 'it doesn't make sense' without the extra quotes, the first result back matches 'doesn't make sense' at one point in the page but it doesn't match against 'does not make sense' earlier in the same page.

I cannot find a search variation where 'doesn't' gives me the same results (even vaguely) as 'does not', and the same goes for the other contractions.

If you have a search setup where you have precise control over it, you can define your own (e.g. with Sphinx) so that you define that 'does not' and 'doesn't' are treated the same, but then you're doing it manually, knowing the specific cases related to your body of text to be tokenised and processed.

So you disprove your own statement; search engine systems do not really need to have a human brain to do simple matchings. As you say, you can make it even for yourself with a custom setup; not to mention greater search technologies then. The real statement should be "making not is not necessarily being not able to". And not "not clever enough to match". And I still say "brown kitten" makes pretty much sense for a search like "a brown kitten".

No, far from disproving my own statement, I backed it up with further trying to prove it: search engine systems still cannot do it reliably without humans intervening and doing it manually!

You're actually arguing to agree with what I'm saying: Google and most other systems will quite happily match 'brown kitten' with 'a brown kitten' because they are MORE THAN HAPPY to disregard the 'a' for being too short!

And Google frequently does, in my experience. However, please note that Google runs on a distributed network into the millions of computers, as opposed to a single server that any of us are running a forum on, and that we can't necessarily make it as 'smart' as Google given the limited resources we have...

C'mon, dropping chars like "a", "an" really doesn't require scientific ultrasonic supreme high-end servers like Google's. That's my 0.2$. Other than that, yeah, we can say it's nothing without human interference.


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