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Remove Forum Name from Topic Title

Started by !RFAN, June 27, 2012, 09:36:10 AM

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I just want to remove my Forum Name from Title of the Topic.

Currently it is = " Some Topic Title - AmigoZone"
I want to change it to= "Some Topic Title"

Please help me :)


Sorry, Irfan...


I don't recall seeing that. (It's been a LONG day, I'm afraid)


Name of the forum was never set to display in the topic title when it comes to SMF. Where did you see it?


I do not know why but my forum has forum name in the title of topic.

for example :


Title: EK THA TIGER - Theatrical Trailer - AmigoZone

What I Want : EK THA TIGER - Theatrical Trailer

Thanks for replies :)


Considering that the forum name isn't automatically in the title like that, it's obviously a mod you've already added in the past...


'ang on...

You don't mean the linktree, by any chance, do you?

Like the thing at the top of this page that says:

Simple Machines Community Forum » SMF Support » SMF 2.x Support » Topic: Remove Forum Name from Topic Title


No, it's definitely the page title in question that has it added.


Ah. I couldn't see that. With all the whirly colours and "OMG!" graphics stuff, I must've missed it.


Quote from: Masterd on June 28, 2012, 08:18:49 AM
Could it be this one?

I have not this mod installed.

I checked for the change this mod makes but I could not find any change in my Subs.php

Find: [Select]

$context['page_title_html_safe'] = $smcFunc['htmlspecialchars']

Add After: [Select]

   //-- Labradoodle-360; Forum Name in Browser Title
global $sourcedir;
require_once($sourcedir . '/forum-name-in-browser-title/Main.php');
// End Labradoodle-360; Forum Name in Browser Title --//

In my subs.php i have this:

$context['page_title_html_safe'] = $smcFunc['htmlspecialchars'](un_htmlspecialchars($context['page_title']));


So it's a different change. Probably in index.english.php and other similar files in Themes/default/languages/