[Tip/Trick] Mood Icons using Custom Profile Field

Started by AllanD, August 11, 2012, 01:33:17 PM

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I want to thank emanuele first for helping out with this  ;)

First you have to add a new directory to /Themes/default/images name it "mood"
Upload all your mood images into the new directory.
Each file should be named according to the image you uploaded. ~ happy.png should be named happy
spelling is important, it must match that of the image or it will not show.

Now create a new custom profile field.

Here is the setting in the acp

Name ~ Name what you like, I did Mood for ease.
Description ~ You can add a short description in here.
Profile Section ~ Forum Profile
Show on registration ~ this is up to you
Show topic view ~ check on for yes
Choose Placement ~ with Icons
Show enclosed within text ~ add this code below
<img src="{DEFAULT_IMAGES_URL}/mood/{INPUT}.png" alt="mood {INPUT}" />
Field type ~ Select box
In the Select Box  you will add your moods. One mood per line and the mood must be spelled the same as the image.(case Sensitive)
Add as many moods as you would like.

Once you have added all the moods you want then  select the Privacy ~ I have it set up as "Users can can see this field: owners can edit."
Then select to active then click save.

Now you are done adding it and ready to use.
Just goto profile, select forum profile then scroll until you see "Mood" and select your mood from the drop down box.

If you looking for mood icons I got mine from Here , Please note there is a 15 post requirement before you can download at this site.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please move to tips and tricks.
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