Started by Hj Ahmad Rasyid Hj Ismail, September 21, 2012, 08:59:38 AM

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Hj Ahmad Rasyid Hj Ismail

This is SimpleRevamp.
Live Preview for SimpleRevamp. It is based on Revamp SMF, my earlier theme. But this uses SMF default theme color, i.e. no change at all. I'm just checking my knowledge and skill. So I changed the look and menu (just a bit) which involves editing the index.template.php and the index.css files. Nothing fancy but you can always ask me via the assigned topic if you need any help. I also changed Display.template.php. No more unnecessary details there. If anyone needs them, just go to profile page. (A may be pop up when click in the future.) Try it to appreciate its simplicity.

I have gradually upgraded this theme and name it SimpleRevamp Version #2 but it is not complete yet
Live Preview for SimpleRevamp Version #2
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Released under BSD License. No worries! Fell free to modify and/or distribute without removing copyright link. Copyright text, however, may be renamed or shorten or even hidden but copyright link must be in there somewhere.

Hj Ahmad Rasyid Hj Ismail

Quote from: Akyhne on September 21, 2012, 09:04:37 AM
I'm not sure they will approve it. They will call it a clone.

It is based of SMF default curve theme, if you don't mind Akyhne :P.

But looking SMF 2.1 Alpha, I did notice that my approach of using more css rather than images is being followed. I don't want to say about others, but that is very clear. A coincident? :P

And as I said:

Quote from: ahrasis on September 22, 2012, 02:09:09 AM
I will upgrade this theme later so we won't be using any theme images for the background as in Revamp SMF theme. All templates will also reviewed and modified accordingly in my Mass Revamp later on. It will be more like an SMF Fork.

I will be doing an upgrade to this theme later on. At the moment, as you can see, I am just giving a rimple revamp to SMF default curve theme instead unlike Revamp SMF which is doing more.

I will, if God permits, create and produce Mass Revamp, later on. How soon it will be out will depends on my free time.

I hope I can inspire some ideas others via my theme though the theme itself may not be widely used by members.  O:)


hello ahrasis,

Nice theme , thank you for this release. I have a query regarding avathar display in this theme , is it possible to increase the avathar size. In my forum settings i have mentioned larger avatar however in this theme it is showing only  90 * 90 px picture size

Hj Ahmad Rasyid Hj Ismail

Open index.css file in the theme css folder. Find .poster and .poster a img. Change width and height inside them from 8em to your preferred settings. I think that will solve your puzzle.

Feel free to ask more questions.


Theme Preview site just shows me a favicon ..strange?
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Quote from: Crip on October 13, 2012, 03:38:00 PM
Theme Preview site just shows me a favicon ..strange?

Same here.  ???
No, I will not offer free downloads to Premium DzinerStuido themes. Please stop asking.

Hj Ahmad Rasyid Hj Ismail

I guess you guys haven't read my post here:

My files/sites in my server/host has been hacked or attacked by hackers. All files are injected with eval64 code (virus). I have to delete all the infected files and will only be able to restore once a clean backup is ready. I guess I talked too much and some people doesn't like it. Sorry for any inconveniences.


Very good ..
thank you for this release i like your theme but some changes on colour effect because don't attractive theme then everything is ok.


Totally kool , good luck ;)
I have become comfortably numb!

I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me.
   - Abraham Lincoln -

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I like it, nicely done.
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Hj Ahmad Rasyid Hj Ismail

This theme will be upgraded as soon as I finished packaging its Version #2.


Loving the Display template :D