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SMF should default 'notify' on for the poster of a new topic

Started by snifferdog, October 04, 2012, 10:14:05 AM

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Well, the title says it all.  It seems to me that this is what forum users want, 99.99% of the time.  I have patched my copy of SMF to do this but I'd rather not have to - the patch might get lost across an update.  If you must, make it an option configurable by the administrator (but I don't think that's necessary, personally).


Oh, no... not only no, but hell no.
I would guess that your 99.99% estimate is inflated by at least 90%.

setting this to default to on would be a HUGE issue... you may use it on your site, but we don't use it much at all on my sites... and I turn it OFF on any site that has it on...

Additionally, setting it to ON by default could kill a server for an active site.

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I for one would hate terribly to have to disable notifications for each topic I made.
I keep notifications on just for the support topics of my mods (and even that are almost useless) and nothing else...
Unless the forum has 1 post every two weeks there is no need to have a notification (because most likely you will read the forum daily or even more frequently.

Take a peek at what I'm doing! ;D

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If you check with your host, I suspect they'd have kittens, soon, if you've set it, like that.

"Bandwidth" and all that.

Unless your forum only has a couple of members, of course.


OK, as an administrator controlled option then.  For a small support site like mine, I like it on.  Users like to be notified when their question has been answered, and the need to turn notifications on is easy to miss if you're just an occasional user.  I see your requirements are rather different.


Easy enough. :)

Admin>Current theme>Member options. :)

You'll need to do that for each theme.


Is this a 2.0 thing? - I don't see it.  Thanks.

I think it's time I upgraded.


OOPS! Brain fart. ;)

I'm using v1.1.16. Let me go and check.


Admin>Current theme>Reset options>Reset all members' current options for this theme.


BTW, you'll need to set it for guests, too, so that it'll work for any new members you may get.


Found it! Thank you.

It's not quite what I'm after though.  I want an option to turn on notifications for a topic only when a user creates that topic.  Likelihood is (in my world), he wants to know when someone replies to it without having to check back manually.  Turning notifications on when you reply to an existing post is not particularly useful, IMO.  It would be a disaster for you SMF support guys, for example.

I have my manual edit to the .php file for now, and I'm sure I can figure out how to reapply it to 2.0.2.  I think though there might be others who want what I want.

BTW, 'reset options' scared me a bit.  I thought it was going to change a bunch of stuff behind my back and I was reluctant to click on the link.  'Modify options' would have been clearer, to me at least.


I agree, totally.

"Reset", to me, means "Set back to defaults".

SMF is weird. ;)


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Thank you.  Still not quite what I want but a nice thought.