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rtl support in email messages?

Started by tranq, December 14, 2012, 08:04:28 AM

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I'm trying to improve the translation of SMF to Hebrew and I got problem with the Right-To-Left in email messages (EmailTemplates.english.php).
The received translated text on the user's email gets out of order if using both english and hebrew, also, the text aligned to the left which looks ugly and almost unreadable.
Is there tag that will help me to align the text? tried to set html tag <div dir="rtl"> but its get escaped and shown in the email.


Questions to clarify the situation:
1) what language are you (your account I mean) using on the forum you are testing it?
2) What is the default forum language of the the forum you are testing it?
3) What language (on the forum) is using the person receiving the notification email?
4) Is the receiver using a client (and an operating system) that supports (and is configured to use) RTL languages?

Notification emails are sent in plain text, so I *think* they would be displayed properly only if the email client is properly configured, but since I don't have a computer configured for any RTL language at hands I cannot be sure.

Since I'm not an expert I'm a bit (well, a lot) guessing here...

Take a peek at what I'm doing! ;D

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No news about tranq? It was interesting to know for the future updates planified...maybe already solved by our coders?
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