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Started by lodose, December 16, 2012, 09:18:19 AM

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Hello everyone, i'd like to start by mentioning im still on a learning curve with php but seem to be having some success with my website!

I was searching the web for floating content for a few windows i wanted to add via sidebars, but instead i found a CSS script that allows u to click the left or right margins of website, which slides the whole page across onto the next page.

My aim really is to have a left and right margin click option which slides back n forth from the Website install and two custom .HTML pages using similar layout, could anyone shed more light on this for me ?

If you need more information on this then ask away and il make up some images , i would've thought if i was able to add a page selection function in my CSS that can be click between , so a different  container for the whole site (3 body's) ... not sure really.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Below is some examples, some are amazingly over the top for what i need. [nofollow] [nofollow] [nofollow]

These are major examples infact , and all i want to achieve is switching between 3 pages , obviously the default will be the forum itself.