Language Files - German Informal (download included)

Started by demlak, January 04, 2013, 09:03:35 PM

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because there are still some english files in the german informal package.. i just translated them..

well.. i does not realy translate them.. i just copied the normal german package files.. and modified them to have "du" instead of "sie".. and the grammar is also fixed for that change.. so it should be ok now..

it was done for my own forum.. but feel free to integrate this into your forum or the official language package...
package with only fresh translated files... and finished package with all files are attached


Thanks for your help demlak!
We'll notice our translators about this and see if we can include your files in our translation pack. :)

If you're interested to help in translating feel free to contact me. ;)


ehh.. well... i think, this was a one-time-job =)