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How to display more then one membergroup under username in forum?

Started by ApplianceJunk, January 22, 2013, 02:06:48 PM

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Looking at some members in in the SMF forum it appears as if they are in more then one membergroup and the name of the membergroups are all listed under their username.

On my site when I have a member in more then one member group only one group name shows up under their username.

What I'm I doing wrong?


Admin>Current theme.

Hide post group titles for grouped members:
Enabling this will not display a members post group title on the message view if they are assigned to a non-post based group.

This is one of those theme settings that really ought to be global, but ain't. So, you'll need to set that for every theme. :(


I already have the box for, "Hide post group titles for grouped members:" checked.

I probably did not make myself clear the first time.

I have created two member groups.

1. Technicians
2. Community Leader

If I put a member in the 'Technician' group it shows the word Technician under their username.
Same with if I put a member in the 'Community Leader' group.

But if I put a member in both groups it only displays one group name under their username instead of both.



and if I don't want to show post group titles yet want to show more then one member group title?


Oh, I get you. :P

I think you need a mod. I seem to remember seeing one, but don't remember what it was called, I'm afraid.


Damn. There is one. But, it's waiting to be approved.

It's here:


But, I don't think that link'll work, for you. :(

It probably will, though, when/if it gets approved.