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Error - "marked as crashed and should be repaired" message

Started by uoevolution, January 11, 2013, 10:58:02 PM

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I had a DOS attack and it crashed the server, when we came back online the forum is broken with this message:

Table '.\shard_smf\smf_log_online' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
File: C:\inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\forum\Sources\Subs.php
Line: 2648

I looked at that line of code it refers to and its a blank line and no code that is obvious that need fixing?  Any ideas what to do next?


The line isn't blank, it will have a ); on it.

Anyway. Best to ask your host if they can run a REPAIR operation on that table, they should know what you mean. You can do it yourself manually but if you're not familiar with phpMyAdmin it can be tough to explain it.


I cant seem to locate the phpmyadmin?  How to I find and open this file?  I really searched everywhere.  Sorry Im just not familiar with any of this...

I read another post that said:

click smf_log_online
click operations
click Table maint
click repair table

Can you direct me to this location to get started?


phpMyAdmin will be in your hosting's control panel. The place where you likely created the database. Start there and maybe the rest will become apparent. :)
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phpMyAdmin is not a file, it's in your hosting panel. Which is why I specifically suggested you should contact your host - because going into your hosting panel and into the database directly can cause more trouble.


I contacted my host and they dont offer this kind of support...I also could not find any info on the control panel.  I then logged into the server with remote desktop and was able to locate the uoevolution domain folder, then I opened the phpmyadmin this the right place?

Im still confused.  If I were to attempt to fix this myself, how would I proceed?


What, your host can't even do a repair? Sounds like a poor host.

Once you open phpMyAdmin, it should list your databases, select your database then the instructions you posted above.


I have found several folders that say this a program that is supposed to open up and have a gump with options?

ok i went to the broken line as indicated in the error message and it just has this symbol>>> );

So I guess Im back to figuring how to find and open up phpmyadmin?  Tyvm for all the timely fast support


THERE IS NO "BROKEN" LINE. Stop chasing that! The problem is that the database has crashed. Hopefully it's just the one table that needs fixing. You really need to learn how to CHECK and REPAIR your database with whatever tools your host provides through the control panel. Sometimes it's in the database section of the control panel that includes CHECK and REPAIR operations, and sometimes you have to go into some sort of database maintenance utility (phpMyAdmin being the most common). You can't avoid learning about this stuff, unless you always want to be totally helpless and dependent on your host tech support forever. It's possible that CHECK and REPAIR won't do the job because the entire database has crashed, in which case only your host can get it running again.

I'm sure that your host is perfectly capable of doing these things, and merely misunderstood what you were trying to ask them do.


Yes I totally agree, this is the first time I have ever encountered a problem like this.  Im just having a hard time with finding the right tools and info.  I do have my host working on this for me now.  Thank you and the support staff for explaining the situation to me


Support kept telling me to log into phpmyadmin, but failed to tell me the name of the software on my server is Plesk.  Again, a rookie error but not obvious if you have never run into this problem before.

The fix was actually easy once I got to the right place, here is the fix:

Log into plesk>Home>Database Server>Local Mysql Server>Web Admin>

Then select the database from the drop down menu on the left.  All of the scripts appear and then click the box next to the broken script, look at the error message to find the matching script. 

There is a drop down meny at the bottom, select repair

Thanks again for all the help from the staff and community!


Ah, "phpMyAdmin" is a very commonly used MySQL utility, but it's not the only one. Sort of like calling any adhesive bandage strip a "Band Aid". OK, so as long as you eventually found the proper magic incantation for checking and repairing your database...


I'm sorry that we didn't know the specific and strange software that your host uses (that pretty much no-one else does)...