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Started by PopsicleStickChick, February 03, 2013, 09:34:22 AM

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I wish the posts in the deleted thread would show if they were deleted by the user or by a moderator/admin.  I know I can check the mod log to see if a moderator deleted it.  But would be nice to have this visible in the deleted thread.

An Internet forum dedicated to a former board operator at a Dallas sports talk radio station


Can't be done without a major overhaul of SMF.


* emanuele would better see a couple of "service" links to:
1) the original topic (should be pretty easy to have),
2) a filtered moderation log with only entries regarding the specific topic (or post?...dunno)

Take a peek at what I'm doing! ;D

Hai bisogno di supporto in Italiano?

Aiutateci ad aiutarvi: spiegate bene il vostro problema: no, "non funziona" non è una spiegazione!!
1) Cosa fai,
2) cosa ti aspetti,
3) cosa ottieni.


The latter is an interesting concept. It might be of interest to check out the helpdesk, we did something similar in there.